Terms and Conditions

  • No Speeding, reckless driving, racing or any illegal activity shall be carried out during the use of this vehicle. Mcarz Uttarakhand reserves right to repossess the vehicle with additional compensation or any other cost incurred (if any)
  • ONLY the driver above name/authorized may use the vehicle. In any circumstances  another driver apart from the named/authorized driver found using the vehicle, the owner will have the right to repossess the vehicle stated above and arise while the driver will be held fully responsible for any, but not limited to, vehicular accident, damage loss, fire or theft caused to this vehicle
  • Should the hired vehicle be involved in any traffic offense during this period, the hirer has to inform Mcarz Dehradun Uttarakhand immediately, and the hirer will be held responsible to pay any fine incurred by the govt.
  • No repair is to be done without the Mcarz Dehradun Uttarakhand approval. If hirer is found towing and/or repairing the rented vehicle at any workshop unauthorized by us,  a penalty will be imposed.
  • Any damage which includes physical damage or any other general damages to the vehicle, a payment of repair cost has to be made immediately unless any other arrangement is made with Mcarz Dehradun Uttarakhand.